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Highspeed Education

Highspeed education

The proposed initiative is an education-driven student innovation project using a massive open online (MOOP) platform, as an extension of the current CBI program at CERN’s IdeaSquare. It poses an engineering-driven challenge for cross-disciplinary university students: design a high speed, 300-passenger aircraft that, based on a new business model, demonstrates economic viability.

It is planned to ramp-up in 2018 starting with different engineering-driven student assignments building up on the existing teaching curriculum of the participating home universities. The aim is not to compete or question other research projects on supersonic civil aircrafts but rather to offer supervised (under)graduate students the opportunity to innovate collectively and in a new interdisciplinary manner.


Working groups

Highspeed education initiative is composed of 10 working groups:

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Initiative landing page

Initiative landing page:

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