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Landing page, wiki and storage introduction

Please note that the structure of the wiki is under development. Therefore, there are some parts that are not on this video and other parts that might be missing. The main structure is still the same.

Highspeed Wiki Account

Create an account

Create account from here: Special:UserLogin/signup

For being able to edit pages in this wiki, you must provide email address and validate it.


Change or reset password

At the moment, changing your password doesn't work. We are fixing it as soon as possible!

If you want to change your password, you can do it either from Special:Preferences or Special:ChangePassword

If you forgot your password and/or username, go to Special:PasswordReset.

Enter either your username or the email address you used to verify your account. You will get instructions to your email on how to reset your password.

Change your email

If you want to change your email address, you can do it from either from Special:Preferences or Special:ChangeEmail

Using Highspeed Wiki

Top-right corner

In the top-right corner, you have all the necessary links for editing pages and changing your user preferences. For now, focus on the Read, Edit and View history tabs.

Top-right corner tabs
  • Read - Tabs to see how the page looks in read-mode
  • Edit - Click this tab to enter visual/graphic edit-mode and to make changes to the page
  • Edit source - Click this tab to enter raw/text edit-mode and to make changes to the page
  • View history - This tab shows all the changes made for the page since the page was created. Here Administrators and Bureaucrats can rollback changes made by other users.
  • The Star Icon - click the star icon next to 'View history'-tab to add the page to your personal watchlist. The wiki will send you a notification every time there is a change made to the page you are watching.
  • More - If you are an Administrator, clicking 'More' you will have a dropdown menu with options:
    • Delete - Administrator can delete the page. Remember, removing a page will remove it completely and this cannot be reverted.
    • Move - Administrator can move a page under a different name. Old name can be left as a link forwarding to the new page.
    • Protect - Administrators can protect individual pages from editing. Visitors can still read and see the page but cannot do any changes.

All Administrators and Bureaucrats are strongly recommended to add the pages they are responsible for to their watchlist!

Next, you'll notice that there are some links after your username. If you click your username, you can create a personal page for yourself to this wiki. Feel free to do so :)

  • Preferences - Link to your personal preferences
  • Watchlist - List of pages you've added to your watchlist
  • Contributions - Easy way to see your own and other user's contributions and changes made to Highspeed Wiki (link shows contributions made by Jkalasni)

MediaWiki Sample page

This is a great page to see how a good looking page is created. Click the 'Edit' tab and change the page to source code from the pen symbol. If you find something you want from this page, just copy the syntax and change the text.

See also these pages for more information about editing wikipages:

The basics of MediaWiki - Creating, Editing, Discussing Pages Working with the syntax text formatting

This video is an intro about basic editing of this wiki

Uploading a file

An example on how to upload and show a picture at any wiki page

Repository / Cloud storage

Every workgroup has its own repository to store documents, files, manuals, notes, etc. The repository is divided into Public, Private and Admin Only folders.

Adding documents to the folders is easy. The working principle is the same as with Google Drive or Dropbox. Just click the + sign to upload a file, create a folder or excel/word/powerpoint files.

Uploading a file to the repository

Log in to CERNbox and upload a file. When upload is done, there is a “share” symbol on right. Click that and select public link from the right panel. Create a link with Download/View rights. Now just copy the URL and paste it to the wiki page you want.
Keep in mind, if you want to share it as public to all, upload the file to Public folder. If you want it behind a password, upload it to the Private folder.

Public folder

All visitors are able to view and download any documents in this folder. Links to the Public folder are listed on each workgroups' own wiki page and below in the table. Only workgroup leaders are able to create sharable public links to the documents in Public folder.

Private folder

Private folder is protected with a password. Every workgroup leader knows the password and can provide it to users who need it. If you don't know it or you forgot it, please contact the workgroup leader by email. When the user enters the private folder, they are able to view, download and upload any documents. Links to the Private folder are listed on each workgroups' own wiki page and below in the table. Only workgroup leaders are able to create sharable public links to the documents in Private folder.

Admin Only folder

The purpose of this folder is to have a place for workgroup leaders to share documentation and information that is not to be shared with anyone else. Access only through the separate sign-in page.

Table of Public and Private folders

Summary of Workgroups' Public and Private folders
Workgroup Public folder Private folder Workgroup leader contact
WG1: Activity Coordination
WG2: Collaborative Platform Coordination
WG3: Overall Design and Integration
WG4: Aero (thermo) dynamics - Thermal
WG5: Materials & Structures
WG6: Systems
WG7: Flight Control & Avionics
WG8: Propulsion - Combustion
WG9: Environmental Issues
WG10: Operation, Logistics, Business