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Special interest

The special interest topics for this working group:

  • List item 1.0
    • List item 1.1
      • List item 1.1.1, etc...
  • List item 2.0
    • List item 2.1

File storage

WG7 public file storage can be viewed at http://cern.ch/go/B7mS

WG7 private access at http://cern.ch/go/hM7d [password-protected]

Flight control system

Air data system

Inertial reference system

Flight by wire/primary flight control computer

Flight augmentation system

  • Stability control system
  • Flight envelop protection system

Component health monitoring system

Cockpit Instrumentation systems

Communication system

  • Line of sight
  • Beyond line of sight

Navigation system

  • Autonomous navigation equipment
  • Land aids based navigation equipment
  • Satellites based navigation equipment
  • Flight management system

Identification and surveillance system

Displays system

  • Takeoff/landing visual system
  • Flight primary display
  • Navigation display

Engine and systems information display

  • Health monitoring information system


To contact the WG administration for any questions or suggestions, you can also email to highspeed.wg07@cern.ch