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Gilbert International is a reliable and capable company operating along the United States and Mexico border that helps companies move goods and products with distribution, warehousing, supply chain management, and transloading. We are bonded by U.S. Customs and we have been recognized as an industry We can help save you money and time by implementing our supply chain solutions that fit your needs and requirements. Many times companies do not realize how much waste they are encountering and producing in their supply chain when they are not optimally transporting and managing their distribution. Gilbert International has a long reach in the distribution, management and supply chain for manufacturing and the transporting of goods and products.

Our facilities are located in the best spot for offering our tried and true supply chain solutions. We are located right along the border and we are U.S. Customs bonded. We can help you save money by evaluating the efficiency of your current supply chain and identifying places where we can offer better solutions. Our goals are for our clients and customers to be 100% satisfied with our solutions and with our services for supply chain management. We have clients that operate in all types of industry including food products, paper, automotive, metals, plastics, clothing, alcohol, cotton, OEM and chemicals. We understand that there are requirements, guidelines and restrictions on all various types of industry and we have the knowledge to help meet your companies needs while operating within the various rules.

PITT OHIO’s SUPPLY CHAIN service specializes in solving our customers’ most difficult logistical challenges. By leveraging our assets and the resources of our strategic partners, customers benefit from a one-to-one, tailored solution. The process starts with a complete understanding of our customer’s needs. Nationwide solutions with the comfort of a regional relationship and a single point of Results that allow you to grow revenue, reduce cost and improve profit. Technology offerings that make your job easier and enable you to outperform your competition. Dedicated Transportation Services that focus on service improvements and cost reduction. Project Management that aide in executing your larger, more strategic goals. Collaboration to create an effective, cost-efficient plan that will streamline your operations. Best practices and ideas from industry-leading supply chain professionals. Information visibility customized around your needs. Our SUPPLY CHAIN service exists to solve every logistical challenge you face. Through our consultative approach, PITT OHIO will use its core competencies and our strategic relationships to formulate a plan that meets your needs.

Transport makes an inevitable part of any business. It is important for the smooth running of your business. Those industries which are involved in production of goods or supply of raw materials, for them transport forms the backbone of their business. In order to make sure that the products reach their destination on time most of the companies prefer to have their own transport system. But in the long run they find out that the transport system costs them a lot and the management of the system becomes a tough job. So it is better to hand over this task to the transport and logistics companies which have good experience in handling these kinds of jobs. The transport and logistics companies have taken over the transport industry.

The main reason for this is that these companies are well experienced in handling these tasks and they cut down the overall transportation costs and save lot of money. They are well versed with the pros and cons of the transport system. Moreover these companies provide their customers with transportation logistics services. The logistics services include the management of the goods and also involve other services like material handling, transportation, inventory and warehousing. These companies very effectively handle the storage and flow of materials from their point of origin to their destination point. The transport and logistics companies have extensive knowledge and expertise in dealing with these tasks. They know all the routes and hence can provide the best transport solutions for your business.

They carry out the entire shipment tasks in coordinated manner so that there is less complication and all the shipments are carried out on time. They ensure that all the orders are delivered on time. If you outsource your transportation work to these companies then you can cut down the costs to a large extent and can use that money on other operations of your business. The transport and logistics company free you from the burden of the daunting task of shipping your materials. Big companies largely depend upon this sector for the transportation of their materials. The smaller companies can profit even more from these companies as they rule out the need for hiring staffs and other aspects of These companies are cost effective, manage the delivery tasks in well coordinated manner and provide logistics services which ensure that your products reach their destination within shortest span of time. So outsource your transport tasks to the transport and logistics company and get benefited by their services.

PNG Logistics (PNGLC) provides highly personalized logistics services to help you meet the demands of your freight program. Every shipment we move is managed by seasoned professionals—logistics services experts who will serve you day-in and day-out by personally routing each and every shipment, handling contingencies, and consulting with you via phone or email. We call this commitment to personalized service "Putting the Accent on You! You’ll continue to see our "Accent" at work as we move inbound, outbound, and drop shipments efficiently through our carrier networks, open up new markets nationally and internationally for your business, and streamline your freight processes. Let our "Accent on you" mentality energize your freight program!

For a flawless business management, various aspects come into consideration. Right from its inception there are small and big applications that makes great difference in proper functioning of the business. Fine logistic management, supply chain solutions, reverse logistics, E commerce fulfillment improves the overall performance of your trade. By incorporating the best of all these services, you can gain huge benefits for your business. With logistics services, the business revenue is streamlined and gets invested in the right direction. It is always advisable to invest in something that is worth the pay and brings in more returns. With services pouring in, it gets difficult to choose the one that best suits you. Pick only those services that have a profitable impact on your business and are offered to you in the right manner. It is crucial to take care of aftermaths of post sales of any product.

Reverse logistics help in doing the same with ease. This gives you a security that your products shall be handled carefully and shall reach the desired destination in time. In case of E commerce fulfillment, the product must reach its final destination right on time and in the best condition. E commerce fulfillment manages the entire inventory handling aspect of any business. Reverse Logistics Solutions have gained a lot of momentum right from its inception and has also helped various business entities with its benefits. While any business may require reverse logistics, the overall advantages remains same and works wonders for all types of business. When it comes to E commerce fulfillment, shipment, delivery and managing inventory is a huge responsibility and is very well taken care of with this service. Every business needs differs from each other and the services like reverse logistics and E commerce fulfillment are customized and provided to customers to suit their requirements. There are various service providers you offer various solutions to uplift and improve your business conditions.

Albertsons has joined the IBM Food Trust blockchain initiative in an effort to test the technology's ability to track the provenance of romaine lettuce, according to a press release. Food supply chains are still testing blockchain to see if it is the right technology to solve the growing problem of food traceability. Jerry Noland, the vice president of food safety and quality assurance for Albertsons Companies, said in a statement. Walmart launched a similar initiative last year, also with IBM Food Trust, wherein suppliers will be required to participate. The more the merrier, said IBM, noting in its release that blockchain networks are stronger when more actors make more transactions. Indeed, more participation in IBM's program could offer proof that tracing food using blockchain technology will improve the safety of the food supply. Nigel Gopie, marketing leader for IBM Blockchain, told Supply Chain Dive in February.

But more pilots and participants should also prove whether or not the wildcard in the supply chain — the necessity of human intervention — will introduce fallibility into a theoretically infallible ledger. Gopie explained that in a large network, mistakes in data entry can be corrected. Gopie said. The impact of human error on such a system would be determined by the universal standards for data entry, format and governance of the system. IBM's system has not yet been tested at scale on these grounds, so more participants of Albertsons' size can only improve the experiment. Raj Rao, general manager of IBM Food Trust, said in a statement.

Many companies in the shipping and freight industry are choosing to outsource their logistics as a way to reduce operation costs and streamline efficiency. Logistics companies offer many different services that integrate highly knowledgeable people with advanced technology and the proper tools to provide the solutions that customers need. Some of the key players that are connected this way are logistics service providers, and the supply chain end of the market, and the freight carriers. This segment of the industry can work with marketing and sales, customer service, operations, human resources, and finances. They can customize the solutions companies need with regards to the supply chain including warehousing. They can supply the manpower for loading, the storage facilities or actual warehouse, and even the storage crates needed for the cargo.

The next logical step they take is coordinating with the freight carriers to get your cargo where it needs to be. In addition, technology used to provide electronic tracking helps reduce lost shipments and facilitates on-time deliveries. Many providers also work with additional insurance protection for their customers above the amounts the freight carriers offer. The supply chain includes many groups and individuals that are necessary to get your cargo to and from the freight carriers. For instance, IT support is required in order to handle inventory and tracking of shipments. Container leasing companies may be required so that a company doesn’t have to try to purchase all of the containers for its cargo.

The terminals also play a big role here as manpower and equipment is required to handle the cargo as it is packed, stored, and loaded onto and unloaded from the freight carrier’s vehicles. Transportation of cargo can be by ship, aircraft, railroad, or truck. Logistics providers analyze the cargo and its location and coordinate with the best freight carrier for each job. Working with a variety of different clients, they may use combinations of LTL and FTL loads as they expedite the movement of goods and products. They work with international freight carriers, local freight carriers and common carriers to allow for the most effective and efficient means of getting cargo to its destination in good condition and on time. By working with logistics providers, a company can focus on the product they are manufacturing rather than having to spend resources on creating their own in-house team to handle logistics. Whether it is getting the raw materials for their processes from another manufacturer or sending the finished product to customers, logistics companies that have experience in this area can be an invaluable asset.

Creating inventory visibility can be a complicated process. Inventory is often stored at many places throughout the supply chain, including the warehouse, shipment trucks, and on the shelf. The complexities of supply chains often make it difficult for businesses to employ accurate means for monitoring their inventory. It's not uncommon for them to rely on approximations based on shipping invoices or outdated methods. When managers take a blind eye to inventory management, they miss out on the cost saving opportunities associated with complete inventory visibility. Implementing barcodes, radio frequency identification (RFID), or similar inventory tracking systems can provide your business with efficiencies that aren't feasible with traditional inventory counting systems.

Counting with RFID is approximately 25 times faster than barcode scanning. This speed leads to reduced costs and less disruption. RFID chips can be placed on products-no matter where they are in the product life cycle-allowing more accurate tracking and greater inventory visibility from start to finish. Easy product tracking lets managers see order anomalies as they occur and quickly adjust, saving time and money on future complications. RFID provides computerized product management, so visibility is possible from anywhere, giving managers full control of inventory, even if it's been outsourced or is in transit. One of the major inefficiencies that businesses face is improper inventory levels-both too little or too much can be costly. Excess inventory exposes businesses to greater opportunities for products to become lost, damaged, or become obsolete. It takes money to stock products with no immediate return on the investment in storage.