Signs Of New Nerve Cells Spotted In Adult Brains

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A tweaked laboratory protocol has revealed signs of thousands of newborn nerve cells in the brains of adults, including an octogenarian. These immature neurons, described online March 25 in Nature Medicine, mark the latest data points in the decades-old debate over whether people’s brains churn out new nerve cells into adulthood. Researchers viewed slices of postmortem brains of 13 formerly healthy people aged 43 to 87 under a microscope, and saw thousands of what appeared to be newborn nerve These cells were in a part of the hippocampus called the dentate gyrus, a suspected hot spot for new neurons.

Brain samples from 45 people with Alzheimer’s disease, however, had fewer of these cells — a finding that suggests that neurogenesis might also be related to the neurodegenerative disease. Most of the brain samples used in the study were processed within 10 hours of a donor’s death, and spent no more than 24 hours soaking in a chemical that preserves the tissue. Those factors may help explain why the new neurons were spotted, the researchers write. Some earlier experiments that didn’t find evidence of neurogenesis used samples that were processed later after a donor’s death, and that had sat for longer in the fixing chemical.

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In adult acne there are normally one of three factors, or maybe a combination of the three that are the cause of your acne. The first would be a persistent bacterial infection of the hair follicles. This can be present more as an adult than an adolescent because you are constantly on the go. Another factor could be changes in your hormones that you obviously were not going through as a child. And finally that 6 letter word that you are constantly hearing about that is causing all your problems. STRESS. You need to figure out the underlying root of your adult acne from these three factors, and then pick an adult acne treatment to tackle it head on.

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