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What is required of a Female Escort? The number one requirement is Companionship. That means you will accompany gentlemen as their companion to various events such as dinner dates, weddings, business functions and other red carpet social Some of our Gentlemen simply want companionship for an evening. What does it take to be a Great Female Escort? There is no ideal type of person when it comes to being a companion escort. Women of all backgrounds, ages, cultures and religions are welcome. We do expect you to be polite, kind, attentive and courteous at all times - after all the client is paying for your company, so it is important to always put their needs first during a booking.

How many bookings will I get? This depends on the quality of your profile; how well you have written it and how well you present yourself in pictures. You don't need to be Beyonce, but you need to take each occasion into consideration and dress appropriately - men are more attracted to classy women who take time to look their best. Once you go on dates and get some positive feedback this will help raise your profile. Availability is another key factor. Evenings and weekends are when we receive the vast volume of our bookings - so try to make yourself as available as possible.

Finally location helps - large cities are more popular as they offer a wider variety of entertainment to enjoy companionship. The more cities you can get to - the more attention your profile will attract. How do I get a booking? Once you have sent us your details and finalised subscription, we will create your profile for you and it will be live within 24 hours. Gentlemen can then browse the female escort profiles for free. Clients will then use our unique booking system and we will contact you via email once an enquiry has been placed. How will the booking be arranged?

Once the client has submitted an enquiry and has confirmed all of the details of the booking, we will liaise between the client and yourself until the booking is finalised. This applies to managed subscriptions only. If you are an independent escort, your chosen contact details will be displayed on your profile and the client will contact you directly to arrange the booking. You will always have the choice to accept or reject a booking request. Bookings are always arranged in a public place to ensure safety e.g. a restaurant or a bar. As an independent escort, you must take your own safety into consideration and never agree to meet a client in his home or hotel room - always meet in a public place and leave separately.

What should I wear for the booking? These details will usually be in the booking request you receive from us. If it is not stated there - the client may inform you when he makes contact (independent escorts only). Generally smart/casual/classy works well for most social events. Be sure to ask if he does not mention it as you wouldn't want to disappoint him. Remember that most bookings often lead to clients becoming regulars - first impressions are very important! How much notice will I receive for a booking? You should expect at least 24 hours notice. You can always reject a booking and we will renegotiate an alternative date on your behalf if possible. How and how much will I get paid for each booking?

You will be paid in cash in full at the start of the booking, the minimum booking is 2 hours. The client may book you for any length of time above this limit and sometimes even a whole weekend. The basic hourly rate ranges from £50 - £200. You will set your own hourly rate once you have signed up, we recommend starting out with a lower hourly rate until you get some experience with clients. The client may ask for an inclusive payment, particularly if he is taking you away for the weekend. Again this is up to you to accept or reject and we will always endeavour to negotiate the best possible rate for your time in these circumstances. Should the Client withhold payment at the start of the date - we recommend terminating the date while maintaining a calm professional demeanour.

Do I need to pay for myself or the client on the date? The client will cover all expenses, food, drink, tickets or any costs resulting from the date. You are responsible for the cost of getting yourself to and from the date - how you do that is entirely up to you. Will my privacy be protected? Your privacy is very important to us. Dukes of Daisy is an independent agency and we are in no way affiliated to any other companies. The only contact details we require from you is a valid e-mail address to which your booking requests will be sent. None of your details will be passed on to anyone under any circumstances. You can have your profile removed immediately at any time upon your request.

Do I have to pay a sign up fee? Our sign up fees are very straight forward. The fees go toward advertising our service to potential clients to ensure that those requiring your service get to know about it. This helps with administration and maintaining the website. Our fees are very fair, and charging a small fee stops time wasters from applying! I don't want my Husband, Boyfriend, Friends or Family to find out I'm a Female Escort! We will never intentionally share any of your details with anyone and will never inform anyone that you are part of our website.

Your profile will appear on our site, and will be accessible to those seeking companionship we won't put it anywhere else. Will I be an employee of Dukes of Daisy? No. All of your earnings are cash in hand and classed as self-employed. It will be your responsibility to pay tax on your earnings, we will not notify HMRC that you are on our site. It is entirely your responsibility to declare any earnings. Can I offer sexual services or "extras"? No, we are strictly a non-sexual escort agency and our clients are looking for companionship only. Our companion escorts do not offer sexual services or "extras".

Why choose Dukes of Daisy? We have a unique booking system that allows clients to easily browse and book an evening with you. Your privacy is important to us and we have low fees, lower than our competitors. We have thousands of gentlemen browsing our site seeking companionship services and this is consistently increasing due to our advertising endeavours across multiple search engines. I would like to become a female escort! How do I sign up? If you are ready to start making money while have good clean fun by becoming a female escort then follow the Sign Up Now! As soon as we have received your details we will respond with further information to help you create an appealing profile. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us if you have any other question.

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