Phnom Penh s New Airport Train Is A Milestone For Cambodia

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Roth Puthy doesn’t have a plane ticket or a Nor does she intend on catching a flight. But on a recent Sunday afternoon, she boarded Cambodia’s new airport shuttle train anyway — just for fun. The single-car train that connects commuters in Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh with its international airport 10 km away has attracted some unusual patrons since opening last month. Seated among tourists in flip-flops and briefcase-toting foreign investors, Cambodian teenagers and families seek respite from 90 degree-plus temperatures. In a city sorely lacking in public space, the air-conditioned train, which is free to ride until August, offers a rare retreat. "I’ve never see anything like it before," says Puthy, 20, planted on a banquette beneath an air conditioner.

She’s caught the train twice already, and says if she weren’t studying, she’d ride more often. 143 million grant from the Asian Development Bank and the Australian government. Construction was beset by delays and cost overruns; a withering 2014 report by ADB’s internal watchdog found "major design flaws" in the undertaking, including a failure to adequately compensate nearly 4,000 families displaced by its construction. Many were already among the country’s poorest, living in slums beside the derelict tracks. Since 1993, the tracks played host only to the occasional handmade, bamboo lorry, an interim fix to help transport locals, goods, and U.N.

The bamboo carts remain, but these days its cargo is mostly tourists riding the tracks for fun. And then there’s the airport tram, intended to relieve the capital’s traffic-choked roads and cut a 6-mile, hour long journey down to just 15 minutes. It was closer to 45 minutes on a recent trip. The sole, rattling coach, more like a city trolley car, stopped for lorries and livestock as it ground past fields and factories in Phnom Penh’s outer suburbs. Residents along the path are less than pleased by the progress, and the round-the-clock cacophony of a tram chugging through their neighborhood every 30 minutes, 24 hours per day.

There’s also been a dramatic uptick in traffic accidents as drivers contend with a new challenge — the tracks. Many are unsure how to negotiate the metal rails embedded in the pavement without getting a wheel stuck. On a recent morning, at least a dozen motorbikes topple over in the course of about two hours. Sem Channimol, 30, runs a roadside pharmacy along the rail’s final leg in a populous neighborhood beside the airport. "I want to move away from this area, but this is all I have," Channimol says. Royal Railways’ Australian CEO John Guiry insists that the road bearing the coach is "a much better street now," repaved with yellow warning stripes surrounding the tracks. "I think a lot of it was just the first three or four weeks of everyone getting used to everyone," he tells TIME.

But the railways have historically had a deadly impact on the communities they traverse. A woman was struck and killed by the airport train on May 18, according to local media reports. Dozens more have been injured or killed in road accidents with trains in Cambodia’s rural provinces. People being run over after falling asleep on the tracks is also not uncommon. "It should be all good news, and then someone goes and has an accident," Guiry says. Guiry hopes that safety will improve with the arrival of three carriages en route from Mexico, which will endow drivers with a better view of the road.

The new carriages will also be equipped with Wi-Fi, restrooms, and televisions but whether the selfie-snapping regulars will stick around after the novelty wears off and ticket prices are imposed is up for question. For those whom the train was intended: travelers going to and from the airport, the convenience makes all the difference. ] to reduce traffic and air pollution, so maybe they will support the train," Kim Sokun, 38, tells TIME on the tram on a recent weekend. On his way to pick up a nephew from the airport, Kim was racing relatives who opted to take the family car. He beat them comfortably.

Please exercise caution as you walk and drive across campus. Some of the roads, sidewalks and staircases may be slick. Our Campus Enhancement Team will be working throughout the day and night on these areas. Slane Starbucks will close at 10:00pm tonight. All other dining locations will close at 8:00pm tonight. All library locations are operating on their normal schedule. The exam schedule for tomorrow, December 11th is on normal schedule. The bookstore is currently closed and will resume normal hours tomorrow, December 11th at 8:30am. Need to return books today? Visit the Slane Campus Concierge desk until 7:00pm today for assistance. The Airport Shuttles are operating on their normal schedule. HPU security and student life staff will be on duty around the clock. Administrators are continuing to monitor the situation throughout today. The university will continue to provide updates via email and the channels listed below.

13.5 million (1.5 billion yen) investment, is part of the Osaka-based Super Hotel chain, which already operates one lodging in Mayangone township. The new 129-bedroom hotel based in Thanlyin-Kyauktan townships includes two restaurants, a jacuzzi and hot spring bath, a fitness centre, an outdoor garden, airport shuttle, free parking and free Wifi in all areas within the vicinity. There is also a convenience store on site. This is the first hospitality project in Thilawa which is set to cater for visitors. Until now, business travellers to the SEZ often stay in Star City, a satellite real estate area near Thanlyin River.

Developed by Singapore-listed Yoma Strategic, the mixed-use project consists of six blocks of apartments totalling 900 units, and includes facilities such as a supermarket, cafes and restaurants, golf course, a swimming pool, a clinic and gym. Overall, it covers 197.5 hectares and is among the largest in Yangon Region. A lot of factory managers based in the SEZ live in Star City owing to its proximity. Right beside Star City is the six-building Galaxy Towers complex, with 1038 residential units. In addition, affordable housing projects in the area are expected to be available for sale later this year. Road connectivity between downtown Yangon and the Thanlyin-Thilawa area is beset by limited capacity of the one-lane Thanlyin Bridge. Traffic is expected to ease in a few years with a new bridge across Bago River, which is financed by a loan from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). A jetty is also planned in Thanlyin.

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Rohnert Park Councilman Jake Mackenzie, the outgoing chairman of the region’s Metropolitan Transportation Committee and a 15-year member of the SMART board, was elected vice-chairman. Phillips, 73, who has served on the SMART board for seven years, said his top priority for 2019 is overseeing the connection to Larkspur through his neighboring city. The extension, which is scheduled to be completed by year’s end, includes changes to existing roadway crossings and transitioning the line from a single to a double track to the future southern terminus. He also hopes to help the Golden Gate Bridge District redevelop San Rafael’s transit center, near where SMART passengers presently end their train trip and transfer to local buses, Greyhounds and airport shuttles. "We have an awful lot taking place in San Rafael," said Phillips. Mackenzie, 79, said SMART needs to maintain the success it has achieved during its first 16 months of operations.

55.4 million extension to Larkspur are finished, SMART can turn its expansion efforts north to complete the planned 70-mile line, extending service to Windsor, Healdsburg and finally Cloverdale. That poses its own set of obstacles, however. 30 million allocated to rebuild the San Rafael transit center. Both projects could be delayed, depending on when and how the legal matter is resolved. "The tolls are being collected," said Mackenzie, who also expects the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors to reappoint him to another four-year term on the MTC board. "We believe that we will prevail in the litigation. Wednesday’s SMART meeting — the board’s first of the new year — also functioned as the final one for longtime board member Jim Eddie, a Golden Gate Bridge District appointee.

In departing, he joins former Cloverdale Councilwoman Carol Russell in vacating seats that will need to be filled to return to 12 members. In fact, Mackenzie’s SMART board term is also up, and clinching his new vice-chairman position will require reappointment through his role on the Sonoma County Transportation Authority. SMART’s chair and vice-chair positions traditionally rotate between Sonoma and Marin County tenures. The leadership positions usually serve two-year terms, though Phillips indicated he will re-evaluate at the end of 2019 and may only serve for one year. He replaces Windsor Councilwoman Deb Fudge, who shared a fist bump with outgoing vice-chairwoman Judy Arnold, a Marin County supervisor, to commemorate two years in their respective leadership positions. Both have two years remaining on their four-year board appointments.

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American Airlines is expanding its Five Star Service luxury options by joining forces with the helicopter company Blade. The airline Tuesday announced the service, available to flyers at Los Angeles (LAX) and New York (JFK) airports. The partnership will provide flyers with an airport shuttle through the Blade Bounce program, giving flyers a private helicopter ride to bypass street traffic and long lines at the airport. Once their helicopter lands, flyers will meet a personal escort who will walk them through priority check-in and an expedited TSA screening, before leaving them at their gate or at an American Airlines Admirals Club. Anderson added the service will give customers more options when flying American. According to Fast Company, Blade will be available to all American Airlines passengers, regardless of where they’re seated in the cabin. 1,600 for the combined departure and arrival service. That’s not the only cost. Former New York City Parks commissioner Adrian Benepe told Fast Company the Blade rides cause both noise and air pollution.

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