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You can learn how to speak Spanish with ease and with a minimum of effort if you go about it in the right way. Does learning how to speak Spanish bring up visions of you sitting at a desk beside piles of grammar text books, sweating over an essay? People want to learn how to speak Spanish for a variety of different reasons.youtube.com They may live close to or in a Spanish-speaking community, or perhaps they encounter Spanish-speaking people at work or need to do business with Spanish speakers. Some may be planning to vacation to countries where this language is spoken and would like to learn an easy way to converse with the local people.

Others may be planning to relocate to the Spanish world for one reason or other. Whatever your reason for wanting to learn Spanish, you obviously want to do so as quickly as possible and in the most fun and interesting way. Something that you may not have thought of that is also very important is that you will need to learn a form of Spanish that enables you to chat easily and comfortably with Spanish speakers in normal everyday surroundings. It would be little use if you learn perfect grammar and written Spanish but find that you cannot speak the language in everyday circumstances. Or worse, that you were addressing your new business contacts in an archaic or overly formal form of the language.

For this reason it is important to learn how to speak Spanish from those who teach modern forms of Spanish, and to do so using primarily audio means rather than written forms and book learning. In practice one option to achieve this might be to hire a personal tutor, or to attend a class in learning to speak Spanish. However, these are expensive options as well as being unwieldy in terms of the best use of your time. If you have to attend a regular class, for example, then you'll have to rearrange your schedule around the timing of that class.

Wouldn't it be better to have all the benefits of being taught by a speaker of modern conversational Spanish but in odd moments of your own choosing? For example you might want to learn Spanish in your car on the way to work. Or you might find that you have half an hour at lunchtime at work that could be put to a fun and relaxing form of recreation in the guise of learning to speak Spanish. The best answer that comes closest to achieving these ideals is to invest in a how to speak Spanish course that is delivered through audio CD. This will enable you to make use of the CD whenever you have a spare moment, also turning your mind away from your work or other distractions.

You must also make sure that the audio Spanish learning course you choose is based on modern everyday spoken Spanish if you are to find that it suits your needs. You might want to try to find a 'learn to speak spanish free' course, meaning that it would cost you no money. But this is not really realistic. Most of all, never lose sight of the fun aspect of learning how to speak Spanish. This skill can open up a whole new world for you, allowing you to understand and take part in the cultural aspects of Spanish speaking countries and to generally have a great time using your new-found skill.

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It is not surprising that many people in the U.S. Canada want to learn Spanish. After all, Spanish is the language with the most native speakers in the Americas. In the U.S. alone there are 41 million Hispanics, most of whom speak Spanish. 17 million Hispanics in the U.S. English very well or don't speak it at all. It seem that you sometimes need Spanish these days just to be able to speak to your neighbors! So what is the easy way to learn conversational Spanish? The easiest and best way is to get an interactive audio Spanish learning course.

You can download it from the Internet and be taking lessons in just minutes. The audio parts will come in digital media, probably in the popular MP3 format. That means that you can offload it to your iPod or other portable audio device. You could burn the lessons into CD's and take it with you anywhere with any CD player. All that means that it is very easy to take your Spanish learning lessons with you and practice them anytime and anywhere. You can listen and practice when you are jogging, driving your car, anywhere! It's important to get the pronunciation and the rhythm and meter of the language down right.

Listening to the native Spanish speakers in a course like "Rocket Spanish" or "Learning Spanish Like Crazy", lets you hear, learn from and imitate excellent speakers who have a clear, neutral accent. Having the whole course on audio media means that you can refresh your lessons at any time and always get the pronunciation and accent right. Also, since you have each lesson on audio recordings, you can learn at your own speed. You can go slow or fast, repeat each section as many times as you need to get it down pat. You are fully in charge of speed and repetition; you customize the delivery of the lessons to fit your personal needs and preferences. What could be easier than that? And these learning courses are not expensive. When you buy it, the entire course is yours to take anywhere and repeat any part at your convenience! Contrast that with taking a course at a college or university! You could be able to carry on simple conversations in a couple of weeks and be fully conversant in Spanish in under 90 days! No need to be monolingual any more. Simply download a learning course and begin to learn conversational Spanish, the easy way, right now!

There are some 40 million people in the U.S. Spanish. You might think that it would therefore be easy to learn Spanish and to find someone to practice it with as you learned it. Maybe. But, be careful. It's easy to make big mistakes here. You would be better off downloading a good interactive audio Spanish learning course from the Internet, with its 'learn Spanish audio' media, to get the words and accent right. When I was first learning Spanish I didn't know that and had to learn it the hard way! Of course, it was before there was much 'learn Spanish audio' available!

While I was working on expanding my knowledge of Spanish, on one extended work trip to Central America, I hired a tutor, a young Spanish-major at the local university. She charged me a lot less per hour than the language schools charged. And, she spoke almost no English, which was ideal for me. In our first session, we talked for a bit, conversing about a variety of subjects, me with my budding but still very basic Spanish. Then she looked at me quizzically. Mr. Chavez, you speak more street slang than proper, correct Spanish! What she was telling me was that I had picked up bad habits and was speaking the "Spanish" of the lower-class, uneducated, street people! I thought about that for a moment, and then suddenly realized why!

When I spoke with educated people, they heard my accent and switched to English, to practice their English with ME! So I had been talking with people who did not speak English. That meant taxi drivers, gardeners, service station attendants, mechanics and street vendors. Anyone to practice with, every chance I got. And I had been learning from them.youtube.com And I had been getting it WRONG! With the WRONG vocabulary and accent! It would have been much better if I could have gotten a 'learn Spanish audio' with an educated native speaker to mimic, rather than just start talking with anyone.

You see, as I later discovered, there is a great deal of difference between lower-class, uneducated street Spanish and "Castillano" (The Spanish of Castille) which is what university-level, correct Spanish is called. There is much more difference between lower-class uneducated Spanish and upper-class Spanish than there is between lower-class, uneducated English and correct English. Ever try to talk with a cab driver in London? It's an education in what you don't know about English dialects! And try to write down just what a black rapper is saying sometime! The dialect is so far off the mainstream that it's like another language!

It's the same kind of difference between street Spanish and correct Spanish. When you are learning Spanish, you want to learn it right the first time. Then you can pick up slang and dialects as add-ons later, if you wish. We all tend to pick up the accents and the manner of speaking of those around us. To learn Spanish that is one of the good things about downloading a learn Spanish audio course. Almost all of the learning courses use educated, excellent native Spanish speakers as "say after me" instructors. The 'learn Spanish audio' parts of the courses are excellent. And you own the digital copies, which means that you can copy the lessons to your iPod or other portable audio device and take it with you. You can refer back to your learn Spanish audio lessons at any time, refresh your recollection of how things are said, and get it right! It will keep you on track to learning educated Spanish and not sounding like some kind of bum or illiterate, uneducated peon.

As one of the most romantic languages of the world, Spanish is easier to learn than you might have originally thought. It is one of the oldest where all the other languages was derived from, and also one of the most predominant languages in the world. Learning Spanish is all worth it, especially if you're thinking of visiting Spain and some Latin countries some time in the future. With the advent of the internet, it has now become way easier for people to learn Spanish at the comforts of their home. You don't to spend costly fees on Spanish classes just to be a pro.youtube.com There are literally hundreds of websites online teaching you how to learn Spanish fast while having fun during the entire time. They may be free or may be available for a minimal fee. To learn Spanish quickly, try to chat with a native speaker.

Conversation is always the easiest path to learning a language because as human beings we had all learned to speak before we write. Work out your schedule to set at least an hour a day going through an online course and speaking with your Spanish tutor. With this pace, you will be able to communicate effectively in just two or three weeks. Among the tips on how to learn Spanish fast is to take note of the sentence structure, vocabulary and pronunciation. As with any languages, these are key to forming speech habits that closely resemble that of a native speaker.

They certainly taught Spanish there a few years ago. I took some funky "History of Latinos" in the USA class - Spanish essays from Hispanics that moved to (continental) USA: Cesar Chavez, that sort of thing. I had to write a Spanish essays on each one. It was good. I had to drop out of a Spanish for Health Professionals class because it was above my level.youtube.com But non-academic, community stuff is probably only English. However, I'm sure there are a ton of people who can tutor you or, if you're daring and don't mind the horrible wait coming back to the USA, Rio Bravo might have something. There's also a Christian radio station in Edinburg. I think they have some of missionary Spanish program but I'm not 100% sure. But for tutoring, look for some place that has a bulletin board and just say you'd like a Spanish tutor. You can probably find one at the laundromats or maybe that used bookstore in McAllen. I don't know if Starbucks has those but you could speak to the barista.