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After seeing the reviews on Yelp, online, and speaking with a friend, my family gave Osaka a try, and we were not disappointed. The Seafood Udon was delicious, as was the Chicken Yaki Soba and children's Teriyaki Chicken. Our server was attentive, the restaurant was quiet and nicely decorated.youtube.com Deep South in the summer for you! I will definitely return to Osaka, and have already recommended to my co-workers! Visit 2 - My family did take-out from Osaka, this time! They have a good thing going on there;food was ready as promised ! Two of us got the Teriyaki Chicken boxes, and the other got the Chicken Yaki Soba; not a morsel was left! And, we shared the Gyoza;the peach-colored sauce was so delicious that I used it with my entire meal! I can't wait to return, again!

Visiting from San Antonio, Texas came here for a girls lunch with my sister in law. They are very accommodating for a vegetarian! We are both vegetarians so they did tofu hibachi for us, subbed out the shrimp tempura for more vegetable tempura, even left the crab and fish out of the sushi and made us avocado and cucumber roll. They were so sweet about changing things to accommodate us! I will come back here again next time I'm visiting Millbrook/Prattville/Montgomery area. BEST PUT DINING EXPERIENCE EVER! GREAT FOOD with EXCELLENT service and VERY ACCEPTABLE PRICE! I am a big sushi lover and I can say Osaka has the best sushi EVER! Spicy tuna was amazing!

The Hibachi box was filling, and their special made yum yum sauce was so addicted! We will definitely go back! This is my first time eating here and I really enjoyed it. They are very accommodating for vegetarians. The tempura veggies were so tasty! They also made veggie rolls with avocado & cucumber and they were perfect. The Hibachi tofu was really tasty! I'm bringing my whole family next time and I hope they love it as much as I do. Very polite servers. I'll be back for sure! Since living in Prattville I've been here multiple times and my experience is always nice.

It's not the best sushi in the area and the menu is limited, but it's great for the price. Their lunch boxes are also pretty good! Saturday night. Wasn't crowded took drinks right away. We ordered the sushi boat for 2 and sashimi combo for 2. Both were cheap. But we were disappointed that neither combo came with soup or salad as other places usually do. Service was good. Would come back. I was not impressed. I've heard people say Osaka is good so I thought I'd try it out. It is definitely a hole in the wall. At night the shopping center which houses the restaurant is so dark you wouldn't know it was open. The restaurant is small and it's was packed on Saturday night, which usually would be a sign that a restaurant is good. I ordered the filet minion sushi roll and a spicy tuna roll.

They came back and told me they didn't have the filet minion roll. So I ordered a different roll. They came out quickly which is a plus, but they tasted awful. The spicy tuna roll was warm! Slightly above room temperature. This was a raw sushi roll, not cooked, so it should not have been warm! That is how bacteria grows. It tasted terrible as well, I didn't finish eating it for fear of food poisoning. The other roll was not great either. I won't be trying this place again. They never answer the phone for to go orders. Food was hot, fresh, & served quickly. They were very accommodating in making a vegetarian hibachi box with tofu for our family, even though it's not on the menu. Service was good and the overall experience was positive. Definitely a place I would like to visit again.

This is the place for Sushi in Montgomery. Yes it's worth the ride. I've eaten sushi in a lot of places around the world and this is as good as any I've tasted. Mediocre at best. There was a never ending traffic jam at the front of the restaurant for some reason. The food was meh, I had the beef habachi dinner. I guess it's pretty well liked in the community. This place serves the worst sushi I've ever had. The chef's special rolls aren't creative at all. The Bama roll is a standard roll, but it's filled with fried crumbs.

No crab meat or cucumber or anything, just fried crumbs. And it's topped with a skimpy piece of salmon. When I received my dish, I had to ask for wasabi, which is strange. Wasabi is usually automatic when you're ordering sushi. I ordered shrimp tempura for an appetizer. Looked and tasted like frozen tempura you can buy from a grocery store, and it was served with some kind of thick barbecue looking sauce. Not a fan of this place. The waitress asked me if I'm from India. No, I'm not from India. Having just moved to the area 4 months ago, this is the first time I've tried sushi in the area.

I checked the reviews on here and overall it seems like a good fit. I walk in the door with my date and there was literally no place to stand or sit because the entryway is poorly designed with people waiting. But my initial thought was that if people are waiting that it must be good, right? My first warning should have been when the girl at the front desk, answer the phone gruffly and was very rude to whoever was placing an order on the phone for pick up. But I shook it off as her having a bad night and being overwhelmed. The promised 10 minute wait for two people to sit turned out to be about 25 minutes. Remember that because that's going to come in play later.

When we finally sat down, my date and I ordered beer and it came out slightly below room temperature. As soon as we sat down, we had no less then 3 to 4 people asking us every two minutes if we were ready to order. Now mind you, we've been setting down less than five minutes? In my mind sushi is about an experience and taking your time and trying different things. Not at this place. When I came back around to ask about drinks again, I mentioned the beer temperature and he offered us chilled mugs which were the same temperature as the beer, slightly below room temperature.

Which leads me to the sushi: it was not cold either. It was room temperature. Thank goodness neither one of us got sick but I have to admit to being worried about it when my raw seafood was not very well chilled or clearly set out somewhere. My dates octopus with chewy and tough and my super white tuna was a little chewy as well. I'm thinking perhaps these people are a victim of their success in the area. They don't have the room nor resources to make it a fun experience for a date night or any sushi night.

The decor was hole in the wall/ Strip center standard. There was no ambience at all which was disappointing. I must say the Food is Great and we will be back. The food is so Good we stayed, even after we had to move to a booth on the other side of the Restaurant because of a little visitor (young Roach 1/2 inch) crawling on the wall beside us. After we moved to the other side, another roach was crawling on the wall. Luckily it was behind my wife, so we got to finish the Good food before I showed her. These were smaller Roaches, which means they were probably born there, not just your outside new comer. Like I said, the food is great but I'll but checking my, TO GO Order from now on. Mecca like Las Vegas.

Now, to be clear, does it reach those levels of awesome? Nope. But for a local place, it serves good and inexpensive sushi that tastes good. And it's also not too expensive. I do agree with some other reviewers that it'd be better if they gave a better explanation of what was in each of their speciality rolls. It's a small place, so it'd be horrible if the service wasn't prompt, so there's not much to say about that. Decided to give them another try after a bad experience a couple of years ago and they have gotten WORSE! I ordered 2 rolls but only received 1. I was charged for both and after trying to explain all the woman could do was speak in very broken English and point to the price.

I just paid as arguing was futile with someone that doesn't understand or speak English. The one roll I did have did not list cucumber as an ingredient but it was loaded with it. I hate cucumber and read the roll descriptions carefully to avoid it. I'd suggest avoiding Osaka at all costs. Not much to say about this restaurant. My first time was yesterday night. I ordered the teriyaki beef bento box which came with the beef with vegetables, white rice (or fried rice if you prefer), a salad (or soup), & 2 egg rolls. I was just super hungry so I ate really fast & I was satisfied.

I've had plenty of other Japanese restaurants wayyyyy better but I'm originally from California where Asian restaurants in general reign supreme. So I guess I'm basing it off a more critical scale than most locals here in prattville. I would honestly rather take the trip to Montgomery to the hibachi buffet. But I'm native Japanese & I've had way better Japanese food but I know this food is geared more toward American tastes & everyone else likes it so I guess this is worthy to check out. I'm sorry yelled HOW MANY at us the second time! Server was OK, doesn't really stay at the table long enough to get more than 1 request out! I see that is she's walking& spitting in our food right in front of us! This was absolutely the worst service and sushi I've ever had from this type of establishment! I don't think I'll ever look at sushi the same again. After fighting off the bugs. My food finally came out COLD and without taste. Server literally came to the table three times. Once to take the order, second to bring the food, third to bring the check.. I will never visit this place again!

It can take 30 years of practice to become a main puppeteer. Osaka's club scene is second only to Tokyo. Osaka has dozens of large clubs and hundreds of smaller clubs. There's a busy club somewhere in Osaka every night of the week. Clubs run late (5AM or later). Nakanoshima is a long narrow island on the Kyu-Yodo River. It's a commercial center with historical buildings and green parks. It's a good place for a walk — there's a pedestrian path along the waterfront. A modern train station and shopping complex that includes three large department stores, a hotel, movie theatre and sports club. Osaka Station City is one of the largest buildings in Japan and it has interesting architecture with its train tracks under a single gigantic roof.

Nipponbashi Denden Town is an electronics shopping district that also features anime and otaku-related shops. It's the only place in Japan where electronics prices are negotiable. If you enjoy bargaining this is your place. Hozenji Alley is a old narrow stone path behind Hozenji Temple. The path is lined with friendly traditional restaurants, shops and bars. A list of attractions and events in Osaka. A list of attractions and events in Osaka. The tallest skyscraper in Japan. A shrine that's older than Osaka itself that's considered a lucky place for business people. One of the largest castles ever constructed in Japan.

Osaka Castle has seen a number of battles that defined Japanese history. Osaka's biggest martial arts and sumo venue. A large shopping, dining and entertainment complex that surrounds Osaka's busiest train station. It all started with a little school that taught Dutch to Samurai. The intense rivalry between Tokyo and Osaka as the two biggest cities in Japan. An observation deck known for its long, glass escalator suspended high between two towers. Kyoto is a magical city. It sounds sugarcoated but it's true. With 400 shrines and 1,600 Buddhist temples it's difficult to choose your activities. This list will help you make the most of your trip. A comprehensive guide to Japanese cities. A look at the dangers, challenges and culture shock you may encounter in Japan. Japan's many nightlife opportunities.

A few interesting spots to visit in Japan. The big list of Japanese sushi. Hakone is amongst the most visited and most highly rated destinations in Japan. How to prepare for the unexpected in Japan. A fireworks show on the banks of the Edogawa river in Tokyo that sparks neighborhood pride. A late season race in the Formula One World Championship calendar. Intense taiko drums celebrate friendship between Tokyo and Kyushu. Japan has an intense passion for fire. As a result, summer fireworks in Japan have an electric atmosphere. A calendar of Japan's many festivals, events, public holidays and seasonal attractions.

Weather and events by month. Each year there are 200,000 festivals in Japan. Festivals range from quiet to wild and dangerous. These are the best. A calendar of major festivals, annual rituals, trade shows, sports events and seasonal attractions in the city. © 2002-2019 Japan Talk. View credits & copyrights for this page. We are always working to improve Japan Talk. If you find an error, please report it. Distances and walking times are approximate. Prices and schedules reflect our best information at the time of publishing and are prone to change. If you have an update, please let us know.

My daughter and I spent 2 weeks in Japan in Jan 2011, when my niece was working in Kyoto.youtube.com We flew to Tokyo and spent 2 nights there, sightseeing for one day, then trained to Kyoto where we spent 3 nights and my niece showed us around. Then she had to work for a few days, so we went to Miyajima Island and Hiroshima for 2 nights, then back to Kyoto for 4 more nights, then finished in Tokyo for our final 3 nights. It was very nice spending 2-4 nights in each city. [Kobe was the site of a devastating earthquake in 1995 which led the Japanese to develop an outstanding early warning system.

] and TripAdvisor for hotels, and also got some materials from the Japan Tourist Office in New York, which we visited the summer before our trip. Ended up not using most of those, alas. Kyoto was great; we especially enjoyed the geisha show at Gion Corner, where they demonstrated the tea ceremony, various musical instruments and dance, etc., and the Golden Temple. Tokyo was great; we were fascinated by our trip to the Kabuki theater. It was all great. I was surprised at how much we loved the gardens, even in winter. It was very easy to travel there. The larger cities have a lot of English signage and great public transit. Have a wonderful trip!

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