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Cell phone repair is a confusing affair at times. A lot of people claim they know how to do it but what do you absolutely have to know about this service? Experience is needed to fix a phone and it is definitely something that can be learned on your Private cell phone repair courses can get you Esteemed Samsung repair Toronto services professionals can be easily found through word of mouth and online reviews. An iPhone or Samsung phone with a broken screen is already warranty voided. Retailers will try and convince you to replace it. However, going to a repair shop will not void the phone warranty and repairing it will be cheaper than replacing it most of the time.

Your device is way more valuable than you think and repairing it will definitely save you money. The value of flagship devices like the Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone are greatly underestimated. The phone parts are pretty expensive and can shock a layman when repairs are need. The steal of a bargain can greatly undercut the value you see in your favourite device as you use it over the years. You’ll understand better, when you’ve experienced the validity of the process say the Samsung repair Toronto technicians. Extremely confident or experienced individuals should only attempt the repair process, as anyone else can make a mess of it. The process is harder than it looks and a technician might be able to get your disassembled phone working again but the time lost will be significant. Professionals should be given the liberty to do their jobs properly. The industry as a while shouldn't be seen as bad because of a few shady people. 90% of phone repair shops are owned independently small business shops that thrive on community reputation. As the first point mentioned, hazardous shops can be weeded out through proper supervision and opinion sharing. There are very good options.

Apple would not say where the machines were made or by whom. Once the new screen is mounted, the iPhone goes into the Horizon Machine, which allows Apple's software to communicate with the fresh hardware. Over the course of 10 to 12 minutes, the machine talks to the phone's operating system to pair the fingerprint sensor to the phone's brain. While that unfolds, a mechanical finger jabs the screen in multiple places to test the touch-sensitive surface. The machine also fine tunes the display and software to match the precise colors and calibration of the original. Naumann, Apple's service chief.

Water damage is one of the key factors that can cause a roadblock in long term functioning and performance of your phone. Although there is no sure shot way to keep such accidents from happening yet having adequate information about what to do can prevent your phone from severe damage. Here are some helpful tips that you can follow if your phone has been in contact with water for a short period of time. If you want to bypass the costly HTC phone repair service, you need to ensure that your HTC parts are dried properly in order to avoid serious damages.

Otherwise, you would have to look for an effective phone repairing service in Canada which is also pocket-friendly. But before that, you should try out these alternative methods for drying up your phone. You may use silica gel, couscous or cat litter. These are excellent water absorbers, and are readily available in your nearby grocery store. Before trying to turn on your phone again, you need to be double sure that all your HTC accessories and parts are fully dried for the seamless working of your phone. Once your phone has been properly dried, it is important to take the backup of your phone data like images, videos, contacts, messages and other media files. This crucial step will help you in easy recovery of your phone data in case your phone gets malfunctioned, affected by a virus, or the data gets corrupt.

Moreover, you don't have to look for an effective HTC accessories Canada and phone repair services in Canada for recovering the lost data of your HTC or any other brand phone. You are advised to sync your [ phone repair shop] with your computer frequently to carry out the data backup process in a seamless manner. Even after drying up your phone, to have a trouble-free restart of your phone, you need to test out if your phone does not require HTC phone repair services. To test your phone, first charge it up for few minutes followed by required hours. Now, you need to synchronize your phone for the data backup and reassign your battery to its original slot. Finally, you need to put your SIM card and SD data card into their respective slots to check the effective working and performance of your phone. By following all these wonderful tips, you can be sure of preventing your phone from severe water damage. Always remember, "Prevention is better than cure." so, perform the above mentioned steps if your phone has been exposed to water accidentally to ensure the seamless working of your phone.

Though we attempt to guard our mobile electronics, such as the iPad tablet, as best as we could on-the-go, on occasion, accidents will happen, causing the unit to stop functioning. As annoying as this can be, finding a device back up and running like new is usually as simple as visiting a local iPad repair shop. Although this may cost a tiny sum to repair, with respect to the extent of damage, this will still be considered a far cry from spending out a huge selection of dollars on a brand new machine. Among the first qualities to find is that the Apple device is going to be repaired by way of a qualified and certified technician.

Be sure the chosen iPad repair service employees certified tech that can perform an in-depth diagnostics on the device and to complete any repair in a clean and professional manner. The more experienced an organization is with undertaking a repair, such as replacing a damaged LCD panel as an example, the more positive you may be that the repair will undoubtedly be completed faultlessly. Also search for signs of high quality customer support, search online to see reviews or satisfied user comments. An ability to provide an instant turn around in relation to diagnosing the problem and completing a resolve is also highly desirable.

Although this will depend on the extent of damage, in most cases an iPad can be fixed within the day. All of the professional repair facilities should have the ability to indicate upfront just how long a repair should take. A Phone unlock is particularly needed for those who use the device for work or school related activities. A selection of repair options is very important to individuals with an active schedule without much free-time to spare. If leading a hectic life, it may be a desire to use a mail-in service as opposed to to visit a local repair shop in person. Choosing a company with an option of service options gives the absolute most flexibility in when and getting the device Also, an alternative to call out a portable technician could be possible; this route could be perfect for someone with mobility issues. Competitive pricing is a must, although this shouldn't be the only real basis for choosing an iPad repair service. Also take into account the first three points mentioned to make sure you are receiving an all-round package that'll provide the best possible service.

Media captionSafwan Harb created an electric bike from spare parts that he found The thousands of dusty shops and houses do not at first seem like a place where technology would thrive. But the Zaatari refugee camp near the Syrian border in Jordan houses a vibrant community of makers. The majority of the residents are from the Syrian city of Daraa, commonly called the cradle of the revolution for the role it played in early anti-government protests. The camp was formed four years ago when people fled the war across the border. Now, more than 80,000 people are estimated to live in Zaatari.

Despite the incredible hardships many have faced, there is a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit here. The camp's main street is called Sham Elysees. It's a play on ash-Sham - a word Syrians call Damascus - and the famous Parisian boulevard, Champs Elysees. Hundreds of shops line the street, covering everything from wedding dresses to mobile phone repair shops. It's here we meet disabled inventor Sawfan Harb who has lived in Zaatari for three years. He fled Syria with two family members, who are also disabled. Sawfan found it difficult living in the camp when he first arrived as many roads were not paved and he didn't want to rely on people to push or carry him in his wheelchair.

He discussed with his brother the possibility of creating an electric bike out of spare parts in the camp. With the help of a local welder his plans were brought to life. Of course, there are many barriers to refugees living in the camp accessing technology. Electricity is only on for half the day in the camp and money is in short Safwan would like to enhance his technical skills with academic courses. Syrian refugees entering Jordan have their irises scanned by the UNHCR (UN High Commissioner for Refugees) using IrisGuard technology. This biometric data is collected to confirm identities but also provides services from local partners to help make life a bit more normal for refugees. This includes the Cairo Amman Bank, which is linked to the biometric database and sets up an account automatically for each family.

A nominated family member can take aid money out in the blink of an eye at bank machines. There is no need to register information again with the bank as it comes through the UNHCR's secure EyeCloud server based in Amman. The data is also shared between four countries: Egypt, Jordan Lebanon and Iraq, to ensure people aren't registered in two countries at the same time. More refugees live in Jordan's capital Amman than in refugee camps. Finding ways to integrate them into Jordanian society and provide access to technology is the focus of a group of companies and philanthropists called Refugee OpenWare.

Its focus is on how to deploy advanced technologies to improve human rights in conflict zones and host communities for In a modern office park full of start-ups is 3Dmena, a core member of the group which mainly works on fabrication technologies, including 3D printing. A row of Ultimaker printers lines one wall of its office; a machine the company is trying to convert to 3D-print food sits in the corner. 3Dmena's co-founder Loay Malahmeh. Mr Malahmeh also reaches out to Syrian refugees to work at his company. Asem Hasna worked as a paramedic driving an ambulance in Syria. He lost his left leg in a bomb explosion. He was working in a traditional prosthetic centre in Amman when he saw one of 3Dmena's 3D printers the team had brought to the hospital for a fitting.

Within three weeks Mr Hasna became proficient in 3D printing and hacked the printer to print in a material it hadn't been able to before. He even taught people from Jordan's Royal Rehabilitation Hospital how to use it. He became 3Dmena's technical director. One of the devices Mr Hasna created was an echolocation device using haptic It buzzes the hand of a Syrian refugee who was blinded by a sniper, helping to alert him to objects in his way so he can walk more confidently. The solutions they are printing are relatively inexpensive, which could help provide cheaper prosthetic solutions to people with little money.

Besides training refugees who are living in Amman, 3Dmena hopes to bring a fabrication lab with different computer controlled machines - including wood-working, metal workshops and 3D printers - directly to the refugee camp. Mr Malahmeh hired a professor of conflict studies to do research in Zaatari over a period of two months, conducting more than 270 surveys and 65 focus groups. More than 95% of respondents said they felt having a platform for 3D printing in Zaatari would have a big impact. More than 45% said they would use it at least three times a week to solve problems relating to shelter, transport, electricity, sanitation and food production systems. But for now, 3Dmena is focused on setting up operations in Turkey and Gaza. UK-based readers can watch Jen Copestake's full report from Zaatari on iPlayer.

This time a year ago, bosses at Dixons Carphone were toasting record profits and gloating that the electricals retailer was ‘well positioned to flourish’. One year later and the tone could not be more different as the Currys, PC World and Carphone Warehouse owner prepares to report a sharp fall in earnings on The decline is expected to be around 23 per cent, with pre-tax earnings to come in near the £382million mark for the year to the end of April. The retailer's nosedive can partly be attributed to weakness in its mobile phone division. It has complained over the last year or so about consumers not rushing to upgrade their phones, instead holding onto handsets for longer and even switching to sim-only contracts - a trend that is weighing on the firm's bottom line.

But disappointing figures could not come at a worse time for the stricken firm, which employs around 44,000 people, and will only serve to mount pressure on new chief executive Alex Baldock, who replaced Seb James in April. Less than a month ago, and just eight weeks into his tenure, the former Shop Direct boss had to come clean about another anticipated profit drop in the fiscal year that has just begun. Baldock's announcement ruffled feathers and triggered a fall in the share price when, in an unprecedented kitchen sinking, he exposed holes in the business and pointed the finger at his predecessor.

And, just last week, Dixons Carphone was bruised again when it emerged that a mammoth data breach had led to millions of customer details being hacked. The results on Thursday should lift the lid, not just on dented earnings, but on the efforts taken so far to stop the rot at Carphone Hard-pressed, savvy, consumers, less compelled by new handset releases with only incremental improvements, are putting off upgrading their phones until absolutely necessary. The group was also stung last year by the changing regulation around mobile data use in Europe. At the interim mark, it claimed that negotiations were underway with network providers in attempt to overhaul and future proof the model.