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Highspeed Education > Manuals and instructions for Admins

Special pages

Most of the needed tools and pages for Admins are listed in Special:SpecialPages

Users and rights

How to create new users as sys-op


List of users and rights

The Special:ListGroupRights special page lists the user groups that exist on a wiki, and lists the rights that are assigned to those groups. Bureaucrats can give additional rights to trusted users.

NOTE! Only Users with a confirmed email address are allowed to edit Highspeed Wiki pages.

Making trusted person Administrator or Bureaucrat

Go to page Special:UserRights. Write a trusted user's username and give additional user rights. You can find all registered users and their user rights listed here: Special:ListUsers

You need to have Bureaucrat rights to give additional rights to other wiki users.

Highspeed Wiki Log

This wiki creates an automatic log of all public actions. You can see created pages, uploaded file, added user rights and other on this page: Special:Log.

Every page has its own change history. Just click the 'View history' tab on the top-right corner. Administrators can easily revert changes made to the page from there.

Useful manuals and handbooks

Overall manual for Administrator tools:

Great handbook on how to handle Admin situations:

MediaWiki's help page about sysops and permissions:

Main Admin Contact Information

Contact main admin by email: