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You know, far too many people are so busy earning a living that they never really make enough money to laugh at their money And way too many people are under the illusion that having large sums of money automatically makes one rich. If you are at all serious about succeeding trading forex in Nigeria, you need to have a clear, no-bullshit understanding of how the currency market works. Read Also: Which is the Best Forex Automated Trading Robot? It is unforgiving, it is ruthless, and it is also tremendously lucrative. I’m just getting warmed up! There’s a lot of money to be made in forex trading, but there’s also a number of problems that discourage Nigerians who want to invest or those whose expectations fell short. Forex trading is easily the most liquid financial market in the world.

You start with a few dollars and with a little luck, long hours of studying and practice, plus emotional discipline and gut, earn a fortune. Later, we’ll go into the investment opportunities (no hype) and how to start trading forex in Nigeria, but first, there’s something really important we need to address. The Most Dangerous Problems of Forex Trading in Nigeria! At the risk of sounding redundant, the forex market is a bloody slaughter house where billions of dollars are won and lost every day. It is not for short-sighted people. It is not for people whose sense of reasoning is easily clouded by greed for stupendous wealth.

Yet, we can’t deny the fact that forex trading is real, and very profitable. Personally, I want to bloody their nose, blacken their eyes, and break every piece of bone in their body. But the Nigerian constitution doesn’t support outright violence. 80% of Nigerians who go into forex do so with the misguided perception that they‘ll become overnight millionaires. It’s not that they can’t, but what nobody tells them, and what they refuse to hear even When Was Bet9ja Invented they’re told 497 times, is that they could also lose their life’s savings trading forex. Something else we need to talk about is the fact that most Nigerian forex traders would rather take the trial and error route, than study hard and access the experience of a successful trader who has a proven track record.

And you know, When Was Bet9ja Invented it comes to currency markets, the most expensive, most account-crippling way to learn is through trial and error. Another reason most Nigerian forex traders fail is because of greed. Like Highest Bet9ja Winner 2018, they go in with very little capital and expect stupendous wealth in return. Successful forex trading requires persistence, recurrent efforts and hands-on experience to master the strategies involved. Even then, you never really get to that point where you can blow your trumpet and say you’ve learned enough. Because the market is always changing and the importance of continuous learning ….. But greed and unrealistic expectations often fools would-be traders (and even the so-called experienced ones) into risking more money than is warranted by potential profits.

Listen, do you know why so few Nigerian forex traders are successful even though there are hundreds of thousands of Nigerians trading in forex? I’ll tell you, and I’m going to try to make it so simple that if you don’t get it now, you may never get it again! The successful Nigerian traders who have a clue what they’re doing know exactly how much of their money is at risk in relation to projected profits. And as their trading account grows larger, capital preservation becomes more important to them. These guys use only a small portion of their account for those high-risk trades that could either make you unimaginably wealthy or give you an instantly devastating heart-attack.

It’s called risk and money management and if you are at all serious about succeeding trading forex in Nigeria, I urge you to burn the art of risk management into every fibre of your being. Also endeavor to learn a thing or two from successful Nigerian traders who know what they’re doing, and have results to show. You say you notice the difference? Good, in that case, here’s another problem with forex trading in Nigeria. The reason most Nigerian traders fail is that they are undercapitalized in relation to the degree of trades they make. But there’s also an unforgiving reality that lies hidden like a green snake hanging from a green branch.

It is the fact that they fail to adapt to the market. They fail to plan ahead of each trade and they are often under the illusion that there’s a fail-proof strategy that will work over a sustained period of time. Read Also: Forex Affiliate Program: Can We Really Make Money from it? It Presents New Opportunities and Risks! The failure of most Nigerian forex traders to plan ahead (moves and counter moves) and adapt to market changes or modify their strategies accordingly, increases the risk of large unexpected losses. It’s not that they don’t lose money. The truth is they lose, but do you know why they’ve won more times than they’ll ever lose?

They keep their hands, eyes, ears and sixth sense on the pulse of the currency market. Through continuous learning and adaptation to the always changing forex market, they have very little problem finding newer ways to profit as these currency changes occur. Guts, instincts, enthusiasm, persistence and a little luck. It can be done. Practice (paper trade) until you can make a consistent profit. Search for a reliable forex broker that is licensed and regulated. Pick a forex trading strategy that works for you (If you practice well with your demo account, it shouldn’t be much of a problem. Please understand that the above list is not a sacred list.

I’ve probably missed a few things and I believe you should do some further research. You may not have all the time in the world, but before you trust anyone with your investments, it helps to do some thorough background check. In 2016, the triennial report from the Bank of International Settlements revealed that the average daily flow of cash in forex trading was …. For individual forex investors trading from Nigeria, the speculative opportunities in trading one currency against another is often worth the investment for those who are serious, patient and persistent enough to trade over a sustained period of time. Naturally, parameters like economic strength, interest rates, and politics affect the supply and demand for foreign currencies and there’s a huge profit potential for individual traders when the value of one currency increases against the value of another. Simply put, you can profit from changes in the exchange rate between two currencies. Since the forex markets run all day (24-hours, 7-days a week) you can trade at your convenience. And if you’re not considering it as a career option, a few hours a day is usually enough.

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Registration is on and open to interested states that also have deaf football teams, it is an chance for them to expose their footballers and increase their abilities,’’ he mentioned. The technical director said that portion of the objectives of the championship was for the NDFA to recognize upcoming talents. Cameroon tackle Australia at the Krestovsky Stadium in the second round of Group B fixtures in the 2017 Fifa Confederations Cup. The Indomitable Lions suffered a 2- loss to South American champions Chile in the first game. In spite of becoming defensively solid for a lot of the game, they couldn’t hold on and conceded late targets from Arturo Vidal and Eduardo Vargas. Cameroon are (two.40) with Highest Bet9ja Winner 2018 to win in Saint Petersburg. The Socceroos lost to a incredibly young Germany side 3-two. In spite of Tom Rojic and Tomi Juric finding the back of the net, Australia could not locate a way to beat Die Mannschaft. The game ending in stalemate is available at a value of (three.30) with the similar firm. Having to score two goals against an effective German side isn’t a thing that comes straightforward.

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