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Over 100,000 square of shingles in stock! We are your source for roofing shingles and all related accessories. We offer shingles in more than 75 different colors from manufacturers like Certainteed, IKO. Owens Corning. We carry quality metal roofing from Ideal Roofing and ABC With our vast inventories, you can be sure we have the product you need — for any job and any budget — in stock, and ready to be delivered to your site when you need it. We have all your commercial roofing needs covered. Single-ply products abound at Erie Materials. Everyday in stock, you’ll find Carlisle, and Versico.

We also carry a wide variety of modified and built-up products — from torch-applied to cold process — including GAF and Certainteed. The best brands in a wide variety of styles and grades. For vinyl siding and related accessories, our shelves are filled with the most recognized brands in the industry — CertainTeed, Wolverine and Mastic. We also carry James Hardie fiber cement siding and natural wood siding products as well as Versetta stone siding panels. You’ll love our extensive selection. You will find no better source for windows than Erie Materials. We’re an Andersen Windows Circle of Excellence dealer and we carry four lines of vinyl windows — Paradigm, Ply Gem, Silver Line and Viwinco. Open up to more choices. Our long line of interior and exterior doors includes wood, fiberglass, steel, hollow core, solid core, mirrored and more from Therma-Tru and PlastPro. We also carry Your most reliable source for stone veneer. We keep a deep supply of Boral Cultured Stone and ProStone Carolina Ledgestone manufactured stone veneer in stock at all times and ready for immediate delivery. Looking for composite or vinyl decking? We stock stain-, scratch- and mildew resistant composite decking options from the Trex Transcend and DuraLife lines.

Canada's Middle Eastern population represents about 2% and is one of the fastest growing market segments. Select Real Canadian Superstore® and Loblaws® stores located in the Great Toronto Area currently carry Arz Fine Foods brand Baklava with plans to provide customers across the country with an expanded selection of their specialty products in the coming months. Loblaw Companies Limited is Canada's food and pharmacy leader, the nation's largest retailer, and the majority unitholder of Choice Properties Real Estate Investment Trust. Loblaw provides Canadians with grocery, pharmacy, health and beauty, apparel, general merchandise, banking, and wireless mobile products and services. With more than 2,300 corporate, franchised and Associate-owned locations, Loblaw, its franchisees, and Associate-owners employ approximately 192,000 full- and part-time employees, making it one of Canada's largest private sector employers.

Loblaw's purpose - Live Life Well - puts first the needs and well-being of Canadians who make one billion transactions annually in the companies' stores. Arz Fine Foods is comprised of a retail grocery store, commercial bakery and food commissary. We are purveyors of exotic Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. Our philosophy for food combines the exotic and traditional Middle East meets contemporary and curious West. Arz Fine Foods has kept pace with the rapid growth of Toronto as a World Class city by providing authentic fresh, frozen and prepared Middle Eastern and Mediterranean produce, groceries, deli, fresh and frozen prepared foods and baked goods. The freshest ingredients are at the core of everything we sell and produce. Whether are customers are looking for the freshest ingredients to create their own recipes or to select from our vast variety of prepared foods, Arz Fine Foods is the destination of choice.

We take great pride in what we do. We can sum it up in eight words, but it’s far from a simple proposition. We Make the Essentials for a Better People who work here make a difference in the lives of people around the world-in their communities, in their teams, and for their families. In over 175 countries, we help more than a billion people every day. We help them cope, laugh, love and embrace life. We help them live better, safer, more productive lives. This demands that we create a culture where people dare to dream. Encouraged to speak up.

Expected to be passionate. Rewarded for taking chances. Our ideas can’t be big enough. Or bold enough. We have to be absolutely fearless. But first, we have to make a positive difference in the lives of our own people. We have to provide them with the essentials for better, more productive careers. We have to help them thrive and develop with collaborative teams, engaging experiences and the opportunity to grow some of the world’s most recognized brands. Their success is our success. We’re never going to be able to make the kind of work that we aspire to do easy. But we can do everything in our power to break down barriers and give people the tools and the space they need to perform at their best. We need to be understanding and supportive. Because what we do is hard. And because, we want more. We expect more. And we demand more. What we do is way too important to let anything or anyone get in the way. We can’t make excuses. Nor can we accept them. Because what we do really matters. That’s why we’re proud. That’s why we’re here.

The Mauritian Top Brands 2017 report is out from Kantar TNS. After months of research and analysis, the team presented their findings during the 3rd Brand Magic Summit held on the 7th April. The report gives an overview of the most prefered brands in Mauritius in different industries. Lets have a quick summary of it. 1. Identify the most spontaenous recalled Mauritian brands. 2. Understand why the Top 10 brands are prefered by the Mauritians. 3. Analyse the understanding of a Mauritian brand and its difference to an international brand. The research was conducted within 1000 homes using face to face interviews.

The sample taken represented the different regions, gender, ethnic group, socio economic and age group. Which local brands do Mauritians prefer? With the local entreprenneurship industry blooming, the research went in depth to know what are the Top most prefered Mauritian The results showed a relatively tight competition between the top 5 brands. The prefered brands are also the ones which are the most recalled. Over several decades, Apollo noodles gained an undeniable place in the typical Mauritian households and cuisine with their different recipes and their iconic red, blue, yellow and green packaging representing different flavours. One of the main reason that puts Apollo as the leader in local brands is its ability to do viral marketing.

In fact, from its latest release, Apollo dans Bol, to adopting the global phenomenon, Salt Bae, Apollo’s marketing strategies brings innovation and creativity to its products. The main channel of Apollo is its Facebook Page. More brands are investing in social media marketing as a cheap and yet effective way to market their products. From writing great Facebook captions to having outstanding graphics, Apollo noodles has it all. Why Apollo, Phoenix and Sunny as Top Mauritian Brands? The research also showed some common answers onto why the respondents prefer the Top 3 local brands which are Apollo, Phoenix and Sunny. Apollo noodles are mostly prefered due to their ease of use, reputation, price and quality. On the other hand, Phoenix and Sunny products are equally prefered for their taste and price.

The story of the Starbucks logo begins at the center. In 1971, when the only Starbucks store was in Pike Place Market in Seattle, the founders desired a symbol that encompassed both the "seafaring history of coffee and Seattle’s strong seaport roots". After going through tons of marine books, they found just what they were looking for - the The "16th century Norse woodcut of a twin-tailed mermaid" had both a mystery about her mixed with a nautical theme, and now for over 45 years she has been at the heart of the Starbucks logo. In the beginning the Siren was topless, and even with complaints, Starbucks kept it. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz explained later that the mermaid "was supposed to be as seductive as the coffee itself".

After awhile, Starbucks began utilizing delivery trucks, which was problematic since their logo was displayed on a huge scale on the trucks. This expansion prompted the first logo change. When Howard Schultz first became the CEO in 1986, the logo was changed; the Siren’s hair was restyled to cover up the mermaid’s nipples. 1987. Along with this, the company name was shortened to Starbucks Coffee and the text ring around the Siren changed with it. Just 5 years later in 1992, Starbucks was publicly traded for the first time, but not before another slight change. The Siren’s face became the focal point, giving the mark a more corporate look. Between 1992 and 2011, when the next logo change occurred, the growth of Starbucks took off like never before. It was put on every cup and people proudly carried their Starbucks cups around as somewhat of a status symbol. Now one of the most recognized brands in the world, Starbucks removed the outer ring in 2011 making the Siren the sole focus of their logo design.

The engine behind some of the world’s most recognized brands, we understand where success starts: at the beginning. Our device to doorstep support means we’re with you from the development of your e-commerce systems to the behind-the-scenes-support of each order’s lifecycle. As a leader in retail logistics, our flexibility allows us to provide integrated solutions for national and international brands of diverse sizes, complexities, and needs. Whether you need warehouse management systems or e-commerce shopping carts, our team will implement solutions while offering you control and visibility. Our technology integrates with your existing platforms so your business can continue to operate seamlessly. Our marketing team knows what levers to pull and when to pull them. To make every moment count, we engage your customers at multiple touch points and pinpoint vital moments to grow your brand’s fame. We started as a transportation company nearly four decades ago. Since then, a lot has changed. But one thing hasn’t—our clients. They continue to count on us to deliver with punctuality and precision, every time. CTL Global offers the most proactive omnichannel fulfillment & marketing solutions to our clients. From Device to Doorstep and every step in between, our focus is to provide seamless brand experiences. Count on us to deliver flawlessly, every time.

SAN DIEGO - Feb. 17, 2011 - Chicken of the Sea has joined forces with the National Fisheries Institute to launch a multi-million dollar growth campaign for the tuna category called "Tuna the Wonderfish". As part of the launch, television ads featuring Joy, the fun loving and factitious cooking show host, will appear in primetime, morning television and during nationally syndicated shows. From "Oprah" to "Modern Family," "Today" and "Conan," the television ads will remind consumers about the versatility of the pantry staple and reaffirm tuna’s many health benefits. In addition to TV spots, the "Tuna the Wonderfish" campaign also includes print ads in fitness, family and cooking magazines; an interactive website featuring a variety of healthy and nutritious tuna recipes; and an outreach effort in health clubs nationwide. A seafood category leader, Chicken of the Sea provides a variety of shelf-stable seafood products, including albacore tuna, chunk light tuna,salmon, crab, shrimp, oysters, clams, mackerel and sardines. The Chicken of the Sea brand and famous Mermaid icon are among the most recognized brands in America.

Forty is now Crowd Favorite. Seasoned Fortune 500 companies have a deep understanding and appreciation for marketing. Coca-Cola may already be one of the most recognized brands in the world, but they nevertheless spend billions of dollars every year on their marketing efforts. And you can bet they’re not doing it on a whim. On the other side of the spectrum, startups and micro-businesses view marketing as a matter of survival, not theory: their business will disappear if they don’t invest in it. Between those two extremes, however, an interesting thing often happens: companies forget about marketing. Once a company gets past a few million dollars in revenue, it’s tempting to let things slide. Some of these companies stop marketing altogether. Business is growing and everyone’s staying busy, they think, so why bother with the expense and hassle?

I’ll tell you why. Inexperienced companies regard marketing as medicine to be taken when something is wrong. This is completely wrong-headed thinking, and it’s one of the reasons so many otherwise successful businesses wind up failing. They get used to feeling busy…until they realize it’s too late to start what they should have been doing all along. Marketing is food. It’s the regular, sustained nourishment that gets your business where you want it—and keeps it there. You need it throughout the day, every day. Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two—and only two—basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs.

Marketing is not only much broader than selling; it is not a specialized activity at all. It encompasses the entire business. It is the whole business seen from the point of view of its final result, that is from the customer’s point of Concern and responsibility for marketing must therefore permeate all areas of the enterprise. This perspective is what keeps Fortune 500 companies so intense about sustained, well-funded marketing—even when they’re already successful by any measure. While inexperienced businesses wait until they’re starving to start looking for nourishment, these savvy enterprises eat regular, healthy meals throughout the day, keeping them strong and thriving year after year.

Ongoing marketing prevents "reputation rot": If you surveyed everyone who’s heard about your company, you’d probably find that their understanding of who you are and what you do is out of date by at least a few years. Your company is constantly improving, but people’s perceptions tend to remain Every year that passes brings them further and further out of sync, until hardly anyone actually understands what your company has become. It takes years to shape and define your reputation, so you need to be doing it all the time. You can’t wait until it’s hopelessly out of sync, and only then start the arduous process of convincing everyone you’ve changed. Ongoing marketing shapes your customer base: As your company evolves, your company will need to target different audiences. Sometimes your focus changes only slightly, and other times you have to start with a completely new customer base.